Nature-Com-Village SAMANA

Nature-Village project


It will become a place of peace, encounter, freedom and harmony. If you want you can go on holiday, meet people, create a place of retreat or enjoy the cold winter days in comforting temperatures. Our settlement is intended for all loving people in the world. No matter which origin, religion, language, diet, age, sex, skin color, etc. All who want a free happy, healthy, close to nature, loving, self-sufficient life, in harmony with nature, humans and animals. To all those who want to realize themselves in this life and want to experience their daily routine and their favorite activities independently. They want to do what pleases them instead of having to earn money. We see ourselves as beginners in the closeness to nature. Splitting criteria (such as political left or right, faith, origin, etc.) are uninteresting and undesirable to us. The East-West Peace Temple houses all religions and beliefs to preserve peace among all people. No one is forced to do anything he should believe or know. Everyone has their liberties as long as he does not violate the freedoms of the community. For this purpose, rules are introduced that make a loving, functioning community life possible and to which everyone is entitled to adhere. Social status, finances and consumption were the values of the previous culture. Our new values are based on love, compassion, community, justice, freedom, beauty, harmony, symbiosis, peace, joy, dance, song, socializing healthy food, free of hard drugs. The settlement is designed so that we will have minimal fixed costs, as everyone will create their own private apartment, cheap. Anyone can plant the permaculture plants he likes to harvest on the area near them. Self-responsibility means that everyone lives in a way that positively influences the community. There will be many opportunities to get involved and to realize yourself. An independent school, a university, medical care, shops and workshops are also planned.


If you feel positive and would like to participate, you can contact us via our contact form, and express your interest.


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As you can see in the picture, there are 4 different phases in the Nature Village project. Our project is currently still in the development phase. We have not yet decided on a land and a special plot. First, we need contact and the help of pioneers. We call on all developers, planners, real estate and financiers, as well as all professionals, to support and help us now in this phase. In the next phase, we will add craftsmen and then naturalists. Only when the first houses are habitable, the first ComPeple (community people) can move in. No matter how you want to participate, it makes sense to get in touch now, as the seats are limited. And who comes first, the first serves.


We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know if you see yourself as a pioneer, craftsman, nature designer or com-people. We would also like a meaningful description of you, your skills experience and preferences, as we may be allowed to make a selection. Please use our contact form:


If everything works out, we'll see each other soon.


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Top ten Village FAQ's

The settlement is created where? In which country and where exactly should that be?

The property has not yet been purchased, but will be on the Samana Peninsula, in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, the location of Nature-Com-Village can not be announced publicly yet. The following key data are expected to be given: Outside Europe, temperate, subtropical climate, fertile soil with spring water, the nearest town is about 10-15 km away. All year between 25 and 35 degrees. Distance to the sea about 5-10 km to about 100 m above sea level.

What does it cost me, what costs do I have?

The cost depends on whether you are interested as a volunteer, vacationer, as a buyer of an apartment or a whole ComBungalows. An apartment costs less than a small car. At the beginning no admission fees are charged. Fruits and wild foods are free because they are included in the initial investment (planting). Labor-intensive and dependent food, as well as goods or services can cost money. Community costs can arise if something is built, repaired, renovated, rendered or purchased for everyone. The regular community fees are kept as low as possible. Offers and more information only to serious interested parties via our contact form.

How big is the associated private property? What can I use?

The area of ​​the property is private property. Each apartment has 85m² private garden. The planting and use of the 8 hectares of land will be realized jointly. 

Who plants, cares for and harvests the edible plants? 

Everyone who enjoys it, everyone, no one must, mainly the nature designers. The craftsmen and makers. But you are also welcome to help.

Have no money, do you take artisanal gifted volunteers?

Yes, depending on the service, accommodation or meals can be charged. Simply sign up via the contact form (volunteer), state your abilities, if there are no vacancies, we will put you on the waiting list.

What about alcohol, cigarettes, eating meat, other eating and living habits, cell phones, etc.?

Except for hard drugs or violence-inducing alcohol consumption, everyone can do well in his own way, but without disturbing or persuading others.

Can I visit my apartment or the village before I decide?

Apartments are only built as soon as the buyer orders one. Rehearsing is possibly possible in the pattern ComBungalow. See investment project worldwide first com bungalow in the Dominican Republic on our website.

What about children or pets?

Children and pets are welcome, it is important that they behave harmoniously in the community. However, only a maximum of 4 people per apartment are allowed.

Sick people or pensioners?

Pensioners have the advantage of being cared for here cheaply. The exact location, and therefore the distance to the hospital or pharmacy is not fixed yet. There will definitely be naturopathic people living in the settlement.

What is the actual project status? When does it start?

It has already started. Today 02.05.19 we are still in the development phase.

Hurray, we have two names for our projects!



Our first Nature Com Village project has received the name "SAMANA". Not only because it will be built on the half isle Samana, in the Dominican Republic. The word comes also from Sanskrit and means i.a. Peace, pacification. 



The world's first "prototype-holiday- investment-marketing-ComBungalow " will be built in the Dominican Republic. To mention it a little easier, we have named it "HolyDays". 

With this first project we will ensure the contacts, experiences and technologies, which are needed to realize and build the Village SAMANA. We have already checked some possible building places near the beautiful beaches. With the addition of new technologies and know-how from our community members, together we will be soon able to build it. For this we will use the modular open source ComBungalow wood construction method. We have already contact, with interested people, who would like to participate active and financially in this project. But we want to choose the right people, who are both technically and financially suitable for us and this first project. For that we are willing to wait some days more and drink some TEA. Who would like to participate, is invited to contact us, with the contact form on our website.


Aside from the two project names, there is plenty of news to report. After the initial silence, the wind pulls now and we get going ahead. Today I (LEO) developed, an ingenious cost reduction solution that I will publish soon.


Until then we wish you all the best and


Sunny greetings