HolyDays! Worlds first ComBungalow.

"HolyDays" World's first mini house with modular ComBungalow construction technology.

The world's first prototype, holiday, investment, marketing ComBungalow will be built in the Dominican Republic. For the sake of simplicity we named it today (7.5.19) "HolyDays". This first project develops and refines the contacts, experiences and technologies needed to build SAMANA-Village. This will be our Nature & Holiday Resort. As new technologies and know how carriers have been added, there is a very high likelihood that we together will build it, with modular open source ComBungalow, wood construction tecnology. With this project we gain first practical experiences and have a demonstration and rehearsal object.

We build our first mini house, in the Dominican Republic, near the most beautiful holiday dream sea side beaches. We have already visited some beautiful properties and are faced with the decision, which of them makes the race. It becomes a bungalow with 4 residential units. Everybody who is interested in participating actively or financially in our first ComBungalow, is welcome to join us. Please use our contact form with the respective subject.

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We Offer project participation for the world's first ComBungalow in the DomRep!

As already described in the blog, we named our construction project "HolyDays".

We will build - not only - for our community, the first reference, prototype,  demonstration and holiday bungalow, in the Dominican Republic. ;-)

This project offers us builders the chance to build affordable holiday apartments which are many times the value, they will cost. The apartments can also be rented to vacationers, which makes the whole thing even more profitable.

At the moment 3 more co-owners have the chance to participate in the first ComBungalow. Since the quality of the ComBungalows is very important to us, we would like to have professionals who, in addition to their financial participation, also bring with them a wealth of know-how and craft experience in building houses. If you want to keep yourself out of work, you can substitute yourself with capital. As soon as all owners are on board, the realization of the first ComBungalow will begin..

This way, we will create the world's first com bungalow, as inexpensive and yet as high-quality as possible, in a beautiful seaside vacation place, in the Dominican Republic.

We will also publish the insights gained and our know-how, open source (for example, as films, photos, testimonials). This will be the first com bungalow, a place of creation, encounter and getting to know each other. Anyone who wants to view the com bungalow or build one, can make a holiday with us, live rehearsal and decide whether he likes it.

So dear, financially blessed and capable construction experts, if we have aroused your interest, then just get in touch with us.

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Obstacles ahead!

After visiting some beautiful properties, we were to decide, to buy one of them. We talked to some Dominican friends about this issue. From them we have learned that the best building sites on the beach, are offered overpriced. They advised us to be careful, with supposed bargains, because there were often fraudsters at work. Many have lost all their money getting into a trap. We also learned that the legitimate possession of a property is only the first minor hurdle. Anyone who wants to build a commercial or tourist property would need a lot of expensive permits. Sometimes years would pass until it is clear whether or not construction is allowed. It is unpredictable for us to know,  how many costs and approval times we will have.


These risks were not known before. With these conditions, we are not longer willing, to realize our HolyDays project here. For this reason, we are hereby officially rowing back with the project. In this regard, we will take back all postings and offers.


Deferred is not suspended. ;-)


If things don’t realize easy, its because they should not be. It’s not good to force them.


We are curious what will open up instead.


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Leash going, moving ahead!

For the reasons we have mentioned bevore, the Dominican Republic will not be the location for the first ComBungalow project "HolyDays". The second project "Nature-Com-Village SAMANA" can still stay in the DomRep. The 8 hectare property, far out of town, offers other benefits. However, SAMANA will not be built until the first project is completed.


We are happy about the many positive resonances and people who want to participate. So far, three pioneers and two craftsmen have gathered in our communinity. We all are looking forward to get started.What is missing is the right property for our first project. That's why we're looking for land for our HolyDays ComBungalow. We gratefully accept suggestions.


In the meantime, of course, we continue to make contacts and bring the development of ComBungalows, in the forum. Your ideas and contributions are very welcome.


Sunny greetings